With an established medical marijuana program or full legalization in almost every state, it’s never been easier to purchase cannabis. However, there are a few options out there when it comes to actually getting your hands on the green stuff. Here’s a quick breakdown of medical marijuana collectives, recreational dispensaries, and cannabis delivery services. With this information in your back pocket, you can find cannabis with ease based on your situation and preferences.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Medical collectives are similar to cannabis dispensaries that produce and sell marijuana. However, the difference between a medical collective and a dispensary is that collectives are non-profit entities. They provide patrons with the same cannabis products that recreational stores would, but most state laws mandate that medical dispensaries should be formed as non-profits.

With a medical collective, you typically make a donation or sign over for membership instead of paying directly. You get all the same products, but for the sake of the gray area of the law, the medical patient must sign up as a member to get their products if they don’t grow themselves. It works like any other store though. Most of the time you can’t tell the difference between a collective and a dispensary unless the store has ‘collective’ in the name.

Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries

Recreational dispensaries only exist in 11 states and act as ordinary for-profit businesses. At rec stores, you can find everything from cannabis flowers to concentrates, tinctures, edibles, and even topicals like bath bombs, salves, and lotions. Recreational dispensaries in states that also have medical marijuana also sell to those with a valid medical marijuana card, but the “profit” changes.

Additionally, most laws dictate that recreational products have to be lower strength than medical products, though. In Colorado, for example, you can buy edibles with 1000mgs of THC if you’re shopping as a medical patient, but if you’re buying as a recreational user the max you can get is 100mgs. Just like any other store, you’ll go in, show them your ID, and they’ll take you back to browse products which you’ll pay for.

Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis delivery laws are different from state to state. Some cities like Washington DC thrive on cannabis delivery services since they’re not allowed to have recreational dispensaries or medical collectives within their municipality. Others are third-party businesses like Eaze that hire drivers as full-time employees to purchase and deliver weed to recreational cannabis users. Some only deliver to medical patients and require full compliance, including your medical license information, before delivering your products.

In some cases, you’ll choose what you want from a specific store or menu and the driver will go get it and deliver it right to your door or meet you somewhere. In other cases, the delivery service provides the cannabis themselves and you’re limited to whatever they already have on the menu. Either way, cannabis delivery is a great way to save time on shopping and get your recreational products or medical marijuana with no hassle.

Final Thoughts

Always keep in mind that cannabis laws vary from state to state. If you’re looking for something specific in your area, be sure to check the laws first and then use Vana to help you find licensed and fully compliant brands and retailers in your area.