If you use cannabis for medical reasons, you may have noticed that over time you’ve built a tolerance that makes it harder for you to get the desired effects from your bud without having to use a whole bunch of it. Like many other substances, your body can form tolerances to THC and other medicinally valuable cannabinoids. This can be an issue since you’ll need to smoke more cannabis every time to get the medically valuable effects from the same amount of product. Here’s everything you need to know about building a tolerance to cannabis and how you can get around it.

Can you build a tolerance to weed?

In short, absolutely! Your body really likes to get used to substances. This is in an attempt to promote homeostasis, or perfect equilibrium, within the body. When you introduce things like caffeine or nicotine to your body, you’ll notice the effects are very heavy at first. However, after a couple of weeks of consistent use, you begin to develop a tolerance that requires you to ingest more of it to feel the same level of effects that you did when you first started using the substances. The same is true for cannabis. If you introduce cannabinoids like THC to your body on the regular, your body will become better and faster at processing it, requiring you to use more of it to get the same effects that you had when you first started using it.

How to prevent building a tolerance to weed

Taking a tolerance break is a good way to ensure that you always feel the best possible effects from your cannabis. If you want to feel higher using less cannabis, a good rule of thumb is to just stop using cannabis for a few days. THC sticks to the fat in your body, so ideally you’ll want to take 3-5 days off to get the majority of it out of your system. The next time you smoke or eat edibles, you’ll have that first-time experience once again.

However, if you can’t just take a break from cannabis altogether for medical reasons or otherwise, you can always simply reduce your dose and smoke less. If you’re an all-day smoker, try to keep your sessions limited to nighttime for a few days. You’ll notice your tolerance going down and you’ll feel the effects in a more potent way without having to stop using cannabis altogether.

You can also switch your cannabinoids up. If you’re used to smoking lots of THC-dominant strains, switch to CBD-dominant strains for a couple of days. You’ll still get most of the medical effects of the THC-dominant strains, though you won’t experience as much of a strong cerebral effect with CBD. It’s a great way to get your tolerance back down without having to quit cold turkey.

All in all, weed tolerance can be a big problem for medical patients and recreational users. To get the best effects out of your weed and save the most money, make sure to take tolerance breaks regularly so you don’t have to consume so much cannabis each time. If you’ve ever taken a tolerance break, how did it go?