The number of states who have legalized marijuana is increasing by the day, recreational cannabis intake has become more of a norm in the medical industry and among the health & wellness community as a whole, so what's stopping you from trying out something new? With the amount of benefits that come from both THC and CBD intake, it makes sense that people all over the world are subscribing to an enhanced way of living where they don't have to constantly pop prescription pills or live with the pain of their illnesses, big or small.

Aching joints? Smoke a joint. Insomnia? Maybe an Indica dominant tincture will help. Annoying side effects of a newly diagnosed illness? Your doctor may advise cannabis intake to offset the icky feelings. But if you've never consumed cannabis before, here are some tips to keep in mind in order to set you up for a stress free experience.

Credit: Pexels
  1. Start small - steer clear of heavy bong rips or dabs, it's too intense for a first timer. Try a couple hits of a joint and see how it affects you before ingesting more.
  2. Be sure to inhale - you can't get high if you aren't inhaling properly. You'll start to feel a euphoric "heaviness" in your eyes and maybe your body.
  3. Know what you're consuming - Sativa strain is energetic and good for outdoor adventures, productivity and overall socializing. Indica is best for relaxing, relieving body aches and pain and having a good snooze. And a hybrid strain is a bit of both!
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - like any drug consumption, hydration is key to keep your body balanced while adding extra effects to it. Too stoned? eat something, it will help/activate your "come down."
  5. Clear your schedule - being your first time consuming cannabis, there's no way to tell exactly how your body will react, so it's best to not plan anything during the time you'll be high. Focus on enjoying this new experience so you can establish if it's something you'd like to do again.
  6. Prepare for the munchies - food is delicious, but even tastier when you're high. The effect cannabis has over your body essentially heightens your senses, so have some snacks prepped, or your favorite delivery app on standby for some yummy NOMS when the munchies hit.
  7. Surround yourself with people you trust - atmosphere is important! Make sure you're around people that you trust to keep the vibe ideal and help if necessary.