Rove is known for bringing the heat when it comes to cannabis products. They pride themself in providing high quality flower, sourced from a single farm. Think high potency, single source, whole plant extracted cannabis oil, and then wrap your head around the fact that a single ingredient is what's used in their cartridge products – solely high quality flower, that's it!

A short breakdown of their extraction process is necessary to share so you get the whole picture of what you're receiving when you trust Rove with your cartridge needs:

Rove’s finely tuned co2 extraction processes captures the pure, original terpenes from a farm’s top flower. Next, they extract the oil and carefully refine it using mild heat and centrifugation. Finally, the original terpenes and pure golden oil are recombined in a cartridge specifically designed to highlight the flower’s true and complex nature.

Now with a little backstory, we can get into the actual review of a few flavors from the line.

Flo Cartridge

This Afghan Indica and Purple Thai mix will have you feeling light and energetic when the effects hit. So if you're looking for a blissful time being your best self, I'd suggest this cartridge for sure.

Platinum Scout Cartridge

Platinum Scout is a friend of Girl Scout Cookies, one of my favorite strains. Sweet berry notes with a little spice gives a heavy salute to it's Platinum OG roots.

Golden Goat Cartridge

I'm a hybrid lover forever, so this Golden Goat cartridge is super ideal, especially with the wild mix of sweet, sour, spicy and fruity. It's going to give you a body high from head to toe, but one where you can still get things done, or big chill on the couch ready to binge The Office, again.