This is the time of year when all of our diet and exercise and other good healthy habits (like shaving) go flying out the window. Instead of sticking to the normal routine, we’re now regularly eating feasts, guzzling booze, pounding eggnog and passing out at 8 PM in front of a Hallmark Christmas movie rerun because it’s been dark out since 5 PM.

If you can’t live with your own guilt about selling out your healthy choices though, you may want to try strains rich in THC-V that have been proven to reduce the munchies while keeping you fun and festive.

THC-V and Appetite

Unlike the rest of the cannabinoids in the THC branch, THCv has the tendency to curb our appetites instead of stimulating it. Strains with a good percentage of THCv will be more likely to suppress your appetite than to give you the munchies. Strains that contain THCv are always still high in THCa, the THC responsible for the psychoactive effect we feel when we get high.

Tldr; when you pick a strain high in THCv you get the best of both worlds. You can be high, festive, and ready to socialize without wandering your high ass over to the snack table every 5 minutes for cocktail weenies and Christmas cookies.

Doug’s Varin- This rare sativa was specifically bred for its high THCv value. Like a typical sativa, the high is clear-headed and energetic but also uplifted and happy. On the inhale it tastes sweet with citrus and earthy aromas on the exhale It helps people with anxiety and poor motor control caused by seizures or tremors to function. It is also great for curbing your appetite and battling fatigue, so you’ll be less likely to pass out from a food coma after the sun goes down at 5.

Durban Poison -Unlike Doug’s Varin, Durban Poison is an uber-popular sativa strain that you can find just about anywhere in a pinch, though we love the cut available at Bloom Room. As an old African landrace strain it produces a high amount of THCv in its thick resinous flowers. It’ll both energize and uplift you which makes you talkative, creative and fun at parties. It tastes piney and earthy and will help curb your appetite and social anxieties long enough for you to have a great time.

Tangie- Tangie is another potent sativa strain that has a high THCv percentage, the power to curb our appetites, and energizing mental effects. It is another pretty popular strain that you can find all over, but Berkeley Patients Group has a great cut of it. Tangie is known by its smell, as it smells like tangerines. On the exhale, there are distinct skunky notes along with the sweet citrus flavors. It is both uplifting and relaxing and great for socializing without all that unnecessary public holiday fattening.