Looking to navigate the huge selection of prerolls at your favorite dispensary? Here’s everything you need to know about prerolls, what they are, and what each prerolled variety is made of.

What are prerolls?

If you’ve ever been to a dispensary, you’ve probably seen prerolls on the shelf. Prerolls, or pre-rolled joints, are ground cannabis flowers wrapped up in a rolling paper or wrap either with or without a filter. Think about prerolls like you would think of a cigarette, but instead of tobacco, the filling is cannabis. There are many different types of prerolls out there that take the basic joint concept and add hash, kief, hemp, and more.  Below, we’ll cover all the different types of prerolls on the market as well as some benefits of smoking prerolls over other forms of cannabis.

What are the benefits of prerolls versus other types of cannabis?

Prerolls are the go-to choice for a few different reasons. Primarily, prerolled joints are beneficial because:

  • The hard work of rolling is already done for you. Just grab it from the store and spark up!
  • They’re more discreet than smoking bowls, bongs, or dabs
  • They’re less intense than edibles
  • They’re easier to share with friends
  • They’re easy to modify and can include hash, kief, oil, caviar, and more
  • They’re affordable
  • They may last a few sessions when you smoke alone.
  • There’s a huge variety of prerolls available to suit even the finickiest of tastebuds

Different types of prerolls

Prerolls come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a comprehensive list of all the different types available at California dispensaries:

Classic Cone Joints

Classics are available at most dispensaries. They weigh between .5-.75 grams and are rolled up in hemp, rice, or unbleached papers. The cones are filled with cannabis and then twisted up at the end to help make it easier to light the joint evenly. The cone shape also helps to get a more even burn.

King-Sized Cones

King-Sized cones are just like classic cones except much larger, making them great for sharing. They usually contain 1-1.75 grams of ground flowers. While most are cone or funnel-shaped, some have wider filters that make for bigger hits. Some King cones are extra long instead of wide making for more drag and a cooler hit.

Ordinary Joints

Ordinary joints are the size of an average cigarette and contain .25-.5 grams of flower. They are rolled with hemp, rice, or unbleached rolling papers and usually include a small cardboard filter to protect your lips while you smoke. They’re about the size of your pinky and oblong in shape with no tapering funnel.

Gold-Leaf Joints

Gold-leaf prerolls are gimmicky, but they still make it onto most dispensary shelves. They are normally standard-sized joints only and can be rolled by hand into cones or joints. They are made with about .25-.5 grams of ordinary ground cannabis flowers and wrapped in a pressed gold-leaf wrapper. However, we don’t recommend smoking pressed gold papers as there are unknown effects of smoking heavy metals like gold on your lungs.


Blunts come in all shapes and sizes and contain anywhere from half a gram to an eighth of flower. They are normally rolled up with a pressed hemp wrapper instead of tobacco leaves, though some do come in a traditional tobacco-leaf wrapping. Blunt wraps come in a ton of different flavors, too. Most prerolled blunts at the dispensary are made with hemp wraps though, which is great because the CBD in the hemp wrapper may boost the entourage effect of your cannabis’ natural terpene and cannabinoid content and make for a more powerful cerebral effect than joints alone.

Cannabis Cigarettes

Cannabis cigarettes are becoming popular because they look a lot like ordinary cigarettes, making them extra discreet. They are cigarette-like paper funnels stuffed full of .25-.5 grams of cannabis flowers. They normally come in packs of 3-12. Some have foam cigarette filters and some don’t.


Spliffs are usually NOT available at dispensaries because they contain tobacco. However, since we’re going over the many different forms of rolled cannabis, spliffs deserve an honorable mention. A spliff is a combination of tobacco and cannabis rolled up in a hemp, rice, unbleached cigarette paper or cone. They contain about .25-.5 grams of flower and about half as much tobacco.

Kief Joints

Kief joints are extra potent because they’re only made from kief. There is no actual flower involved, so you’re mostly smoking straight THC-rich trichome heads making for an ultra-powerful and long-burning smoke session. Kief joints come in all shapes and sizes though standard cones and ordinary joint papers are the typical go-to. They contain anywhere from .25-.75 grams of kief and kief alone.

Oil-Dipped Doobies

Oil dips are an accessory to blunts, cannagars, joints, and cones that add potency and flavor to your preroll. Essentially, the flower is dipped into cannabis oil before being ground and added to the joint. Sometimes, the oil is rolled into a thin thread and applied to the bed of ground cannabis before it’s rolled into the joint. Some oil-dipped doobies are syringe-injected with cannabis oil while others apply it to the outside of the joint.

Dip and Rolls

Dip and roll is also an accessory to prerolls. It takes the oil-dip a step further by rolling the oil in kief, hash, or THC/CBD isolate. This boosts potency and makes for a very intense smoke session.

Caviar Joints or Moon Sticks

Caviar is another accessory to the standard joint. Caviar, also known as moon rocks, sun rocks, and caviar gold, is made by taking cannabis flowers, dipping them in hash oil, BHO, distillate or other cannabis concentrate and then rolling the sticky buds in a couple of layers of kief. These flowers are then ground up and added to the joint or blunt wrapper in any number of shapes or sizes. When caviar is added to a preroll, it’s known as a caviar joint or a moon stick. They are ultra-potent, and they come in many different shapes and sizes and contain anywhere from .5-3.5 grams of flower.


Cannagars are the creme de la creme of prerolled cannabis. These premium cigars are made entirely from the cannabis plant, right down to the cannabis leaf wrapper. They contain anywhere from 4-8 grams of cannabis flower, though they’re most often infused with distillate, rosin, or hash oil to help hold the cigar together and keep it burning for hours at a time. Some cannagars are even larger and will run you several hundred dollars at a dispensary. Most cannagars are made with caviar, kief, hash oil or concentrates, and premium flower. They’re meant to be smoked over the course of a few days or between a group of friends.