Since April 2018, Old Pal’s mission is to provide classic shareable cannabis to the masses and bring back the old school spirit of communal smoking. Their line of sharable sun-grown cannabis products come in three simple flavors to maintain quality and consistency. No crazy claims, no exclusive strains, just pure sun-grown cannabis to share with your friends to have a good time.

Old Pal works with a collection of farmers supplying sun grown weed from all across Northern California by experienced farmers who have built a longtime relationship with the Old Pal founders. The brand launched in California before expanding into Oregon and Nevada.

Old Pal is on its way to becoming a household name with an inclusive identity rooted in the simple yet enjoyable act of sharing a joint through their shareable cannabis products — Whether you’re rolling in a big group or just an intimate smoke sesh, Old Pal has the fire you need to burn and the supplies you need to do it with.

The Roll Your Own Bag

Old Pal creates an efficient way to keep your stash organized with The Roll Your Own Bag. At first glance, the packaging lists its contents: 1/2 oz. pre-ground cannabis and 40 rolling papers. When you lift the airy flap, the scent of the Humboldt-grown cannabis screams loud through its resealable and childproof pouch. The pack of 1 1/4” rolling papers are unbleached and made of pure hemp for a savory, slower-burning smoke, and just when you thought The Roll Your Own bag couldn’t be any more convenient, the book of rolling papers also come with crutches, so you have everything you need in one compressed and compact package.

Classic Shareable Flower

Smoking with friends? Bring an eighth of Old Pal Classic Shareable, Flower to the table and reignite the spirit of communal smoking. Similar to The Roll Your Own bag, the Classic Shareable Flower package is childproof and offers a resealable closure to keep the sun-kissed flavors locked in the densely fragrant flowers. The tasty tang of the sativa flowers sends a vibrant surge of energy so you can curb pre-workout formulas and get back to pumping iron and getting things done.

Classic Shareable Cannabis Oil Cartridge

Take the taste of Old Pal wherever you go with the Classic Shareable, Cannabis Oil Cartridge. Using state of the art extraction processes, Old Pal takes their sun-grown flower and turns it into a high-quality cannabis oil filled with terps and THC that mimic the taste of Old Pal flower. The sweet and earthy essence of the hybrid blend will surprise you with its potency and leave you wondering how this much power can fit in a half gram cartridge.

Old Pal’s vision is simple, to provide classic shareable cannabis to the masses. The company’s collection of flower is packaged and designed to encourage communal smoking and priced affordably, but don’t let the bargain price point fool you, the flower is fire. The secret is they continue working with longtime partners to keep prices accessible, allowing for bargain values on the highest-quality, sun-grown flower for Old Pal customers.