Summer is here, and it’s time to loosen up and to party. There’s nothing like the relaxation and camaraderie a great joint can provide. Strains of marijuana, like food, have their seasons when they’re maximally delicious and satisfying. Here are some of our top picks for summer fun and adventure from Kuda, whether you’re lounging on the beach or being the life of the party.

Will you be living it up or chilling out this month? It’s up to you, but rest assured Kuda has the perfect strain of cannabis for all your summer plans and experiences. Author Charles Bowden said, “Summertime is always the best of what might be.” What memories will you be creating?

Gelato, 5 Pre-Rolled Premium Hybrid Joints
First of all, with the surging heat, who doesn’t love some creamy, fresh gelato?Kuda’s Gelato, fruity and aromatic, feels like a dessert. It may become your new guilty pleasure. Pair it with actual Gelato on a scorching June day. This hybrid smoke is the perfect date night smoke and your ticket to some sweet summer romance. It will be love at first puff!

Jovial Haze, 5 Pre-Rolled Premium Sativa Joints
Summertime is a celebration time for many of us. Are you planning a backyard barbeque or a little beach shindig? You’ll want to have Kuda’s Jovial Haze on hand. And that’s what it delivers—a jovial haze. This Sativa dominant joint is made for sharing with friends, and its mango deliciousness may transport you to exotic island locales—even if you don’t go on an actual vacation. Your staycation gets more fun when you light up some Jovial Haze with your besties. You may even make some cool new friends when you pass this joint around.

Tranquil OG, 5 Pre-Rolled Premium Indica Joints
Ever fantasize about swinging on a hammock in the balmy afternoon and letting all the cares of the world drift away? Kuda’s Tranquil OG promises the tranquility of a siesta nestled in a comfy hammock. It’s an Indica-lover’s passport to tranquility. Mellow, it has a complex sour skunk flavor. Cozy up with your favorite book or some soothing music and let the cares of the day float away as you enjoy Kuda’s Tranquil OG. Beach lovers will enjoy this strain too. Get contemplative as you listen to the waves crash against the shoreline as you take it easy under your beach umbrella.

You don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying your joint out in nature on your next adventure. Kuda prioritizes sustainable growing practices and uses earth-friendly biodegradable filters. Kuda’s products consist of all natural fibers that are minimally stressful on the earth. Whether your Kuda experience is solo or social, you can rest assured that you’re smoking one of the best brands out there for Mother Earth.