Too much of a good thing can always become a bad thing. That’s why the newest trend is Microdosing. Basically, microdosing involves consuming small amounts of THC slowly over time to maintain a tiny but noticeable high.

Microdosing serves two purposes:

  • To help you work your way up to your correct dose without causing anxiety
  • To produce a calm and relaxing high that relieves anxiety

A microdose typically contains 5mg or less of active THC per serving when sold in “microdose” packaging. However, everyone’s microdose will be different. For someone with no tolerance, 2.5mg THC is a good start for a microdose because you can always take more to find your sweet spot. The goal is to eat enough to get to the cusp of an edible high so that you can function and not be anxious. For me, that perfect microdose is 10mg because I am a daily edible user.

Your microdose will vary based on how often you consume cannabis, how efficiently your metabolism runs, and the degree of anxiety you’re trying to manage. There is no perfect microdose because all of our bodies are different, so be sure to start low and work your way up to the correct dose.

My favorite edibles for microdosing include:

Dark Chocolate Caramel 1:1 100mg by Bhang Chocolate

Bhang’s dark chocolate caramel bar contains 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD. The bars break into 10 10mg pieces, so for a good microdose, split those pieces in half or thirds at first.

Nom Nom all you want here.

CBD Soft Gels 1:1 by Care By Design

If you prefer gummies to chocolates because they’re so perfectly poppable, you’ll probably enjoy the CBD soft gels that come from Care by Design. These gummies contain 10mg of THC and CBD. You can even get 18:1 CBD:THC gummies if you’re sensitive to THC but still need relief from social anxiety.

Get your feelgood here.

Terra Bites by Kiva Confections

Kiva makes a ton of great edibles that are great for microdosing. You can get chocolate, mints, and gummies in 5-10mg pieces, but their best stuff for microdosing THC would definitely be their Terra Bites. They have a milk chocolate blueberry flavor, but the Dark Chocolate Espresso flavor is where it’s at! They take Tanzanian coffee beans, micro-roast them to perfection and then toss them in dark chocolate. At only 5mg of THC per bean, they make the perfect microdose and taste delicious to boot.