Research has shown that marijuana doesn’t really make your workouts more effective, but it makes YOU more effective for your workouts.

Physically, THC and CBD have very little weight on boosting our performance, endurance or stamina. Smoking weed isn’t like taking a steroid which alters the way our bodies break down during exercise. Marijuana does affect our minds and bodies, just different than what many people expect.

I’m not saying a puff of weed will turn you into Popeye. You won’t see #GAINS overnight or even at all. It just doesn’t work that way. However, cannabis will help you find that motivation and work through the pain and ultimately help you to become a better athlete.

Smoking before a workout introduces THC and CBD into the bloodstream. Both cannabinoids do multiple different things for our bodies, including helping us find and keep the motivation to exercise, but also help our bodies to repair the muscles for growth. Here’s how both cannabinoids help to prime you before a workout.

How THC helps you before a workout?

It’s a known fact that THC has a number of benefits for our minds and our bodies. It relieves pain, improves our moods, relaxes our muscles and acts as an antioxidant in our blood. It helps us to relax, and when paired with a good workout routine that relaxation becomes meditation which is great for our mental health. It can help us completely focus on our bodies and get away from the stressful parts of our lives during your workout.

THC’s biggest benefit to exercise is its mental effect. It can help you feel motivated to work out if you’re just not in the mood to work out. Unfortunately, weed demotivates some people, so try to avoid edibles and stick to sativa weed or sativa vapes, and keep the dose on the lower end. If you get too high you’ll want to work out even less!

How CBD helps you before a workout?

CBD is another cannabinoid that many athletes recommend as a performance-enhancing drug. CBD helps with regulating our bodies too. It helps with our sleep cycles and regulating our moods as well as helping with pain and inflammation, which are the enemies of exercise. Many strength athletes will take CBD before an extra-rigorous workout so they can get in more reps without feeling too much pain.

CBD is great for your body. As a natural painkiller with no psychoactive effect, it has very little weight on your mental state, meaning if getting high demotivates you can still benefit from adding cannabis to your workout routine. It can be used to build endurance and strength because your body will be able to get in more reps without feeling all that burn. CBD also helps you heal because it is a natural bone stimulant and muscle relaxer. It can significantly shorten your recovery time so you can get those gains a little quicker.

Overall, smoking weed and exercising is an amazing mental experience while taking CBD can make you a better athlete. THC can make exercise feel like meditation which can improve your mood and how well you exercise, though some people are demotivated by THC. CBD is great for our physical bodies and can help us recover quickly and work through the pain.