The best part about living in the future is the availability of weed for the people who need it most like your dad. If you have a father who suffers from a chronic condition or someone who’s just starting to feel older, you should consider giving them cannabis. Here are 6 of our favorite marijuana products that are mellow enough for smokers who haven't toked up since the 70s.

Kiva Bars by Kiva Confections
Nobody is ever disappointed to receive chocolate as a gift. Edibles are very popular among the aging population because they don’t have to smoke the product, which can be difficult with chronic pain or other conditions. They make chocolate with only CBD, both CBD and THC, and THC only. A great gift for the novice cannabis user to the canna-sseur. Kiva comes in 8 different flavors and tastes great.

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Dose Pen Vaporizer by Dosist
This is another cannabis-only gift, but it’s perfect for anyone. Dosist specializes in extractions and makes vape pens that contain both THC and CBD. You can an 1:10 THC:CBD ratio if your loved one wants relief but doesn’t want to feel high. You can also get 1:1 CBD:THC pens that WILL give you a buzz. This dose-controlled device delivers a precise 2.25mg dose and is available in 50 and 200 doses.

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CBD Gummies by Plus
Sadly, many of our parents and grandparents experience some type of chronic pain. They’d be happy to receive some CBD gummies in their stocking this year to help them manage that pain. Plus makes CBD gummies that contain 5mg of non-psychoactive CBD. They are made with beef gelatin so they are slow to absorb and long-lasting. These gummies also make a great gift for your parents that have never messed with weed but are interested to try it because some Plus gummies are made with a very small beginners dose of THC. You can get a dose as high as 9:1 CBD:THC.

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Nugg Club - Luxury Cannabis Subscription
Let Nugg Club complement you around the clock with a monthly delivery that includes items suited for morning and evening use. For those coffee-and-cannabis days, you’ll enjoy carefully selected sativa products, chosen to stimulate socializing and creativity. If it’s a nightcap you’re after, our indica products will prepare you for a stress-free evening of full-body relaxation and restful sleep. From coffee, pre-rolls, and vape pens to honey, gummies, elixers, and hot chocolate, you will receive a selection of four sativa and four indica products. We’ll vary the selection with every delivery so there is always a new way to enjoy.

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1st step for 🔥 edibles? Infuse the butter.

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Botanical Extractor by Magical Butter
This one is perfect for all those casserole moms and cookie baking grandma’s out there, except this one will help them make tasty cannabis-infused edibles. If your loved one likes to cook or eat edibles to help them manage their pain, this is the machine for them. Just stick some dry product in the machine and let it get to work making infused cooking oils and butters. Pair it with the High Times Cannabis Cookbook and wait for the first batch of medibles to come your way!

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Tasting Journal by Goldleaf
If your dad is like mine, he likes to try new things and then tell strangers all about it. Get him a leather bound tasting journal that allows him to track the flavors and strains he tries and whether or not he enjoyed them. It makes a great gift for any organized, but forgetful family member. You can make the gift extra special by wrapping it up with a few sample grams of flower from their favorite dispensary.

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