Tranquility and peace of mind are general goals that we have for our lives, but to be at peace is a luxury many of us don't have due to high stress environments and anxiety. Sometimes life is just too rough to want to deal with, and we look to outside substances to help alleviate the symptoms. But what's an alternative way to breaking out a joint in the middle of the work day when you need to unwind? Most notably, edibles, but when you don't have a space cake readily available, cannabis tea is there for you in the most discreet and necessary way.

Imagine dropping a tea bag infused with herbs and THC into a piping hot cup of water, seeping into a concoction meant to relax those tight muscles in your shoulders and decrease the worry spinning around in your head. It's basically a dream come true. Cannabis tea is an awesome alternative to edibles and able to achieve the same results – reducing pain, increasing libidio, improving sexuality, sleep and enhancing positivity. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with digestion, as well as anxiety and depression. It's also completely discreet so you can enjoy your tea at work, on the go, or the comfort of your own home without receiving any side eyes for odor.

Kikoko Edibles provides high quality, organically grown cannabis tea that is free of pesticides and fat. Most importantly, each dosage is precise, a comforting detail when consuming cannabis by products. It's ideal to replace sleeping pills you may consume nightly; instead, enjoy a nice cup of tea while preparing for bed and feel the relaxation course through your muscles for a restful night's sleep. It takes around the same amount of time as an edible (about an hour), so keep that in mind while you sip; it's not going to hit you immediately, so be patient and don't overdo it simply because you aren't feeling the effects in the first 30 minutes.


Cannabis tea isn't just good for pain reduction, it's also the perfect addition to a sensual night with your partner. Share a romantic cup of tea and then get cozy while it kicks in for a heightened sexual experience sure to end in an orgasm.


For when you just need to unwind and recharge, tranquili-tea is the perfect after-work beverage while catching up on your favorite show. Or, start your morning meditation with a cup of cannabis tea to get your zen state going, clearing your mind and setting intentions for the day.


Sympa-tea does just that, has sympathy for you and your aching joints. Have a cup after a hard workout for muscle rejuvenation, or as an alternative to prescription pain medication for that pesky tightness in your shoulders, back and neck. As it starts to take effect, it will ease the stress, anxiety and below par feelings that deserve no space to clutter your temple (body).