While there are many benefits to smoking weed indoors, one pesky problem still remains: the smell. Smoking inside can cause a lot of problems for your indoor air quality since weed smoke is highly resinous and tends to stick around and linger long after you finished your session. If you want to get the smell of cannabis smoke out of your upholstery, furniture, carpets, curtains, and ambient air, make sure you’re doing these 5 things.

1. Run a carbon filter or fan

If you smoke in the house, you’ll want to invest in a carbon air filter. Carbon absorbs odors and resin particles found in cannabis smoke and pushes out clean, purified air. It works wonders for dealing with a lot of smoke and scrubbing the air clean so that your furniture won’t absorb smoke odors. If carbon air filters are a little on the spendy side for you, consider an oscillating fan or running the ceiling fans during your smoke session. By keeping the air moving in your home, the smoke and resin particles are more likely to dissipate rather than linger.

2. Get a few houseplants

Plants are great at improving air quality at home. If you have good natural lighting, a few houseplants can help improve ambient air quality since they breathe just like you and me. Houseplants can also improve your mood and make it easier for stinky cannabis smoke to disappear.

3. Open the windows

If you’ve got your air moving as we mentioned in the 1st option, try opening your windows too! Mixing the stale smokey air inside with the fresh air from outside during your smoke session makes it difficult for odors to linger. Opening your windows for a few minutes every week is a good way to prevent the smoke smell from lingering or to get weed smell out of your home altogether. You can take it a step further by always exhaling your smoke through an open window or by using a sploof or Smoke Buddy to prevent smoke from making its way into your home in the first place


4. Clean diligently once a week

If you want to thoroughly get weed smell out of your home, you’ll have to make a choice. Either smoke outside or clean your house diligently once a week. As we mentioned above, cannabis smoke is highly resinous. It’s incredibly sticky, so keeping up with it is vital. If you smoke in the house regularly, odds are you can feel the resin on top of your kitchen cabinets, ceiling fans, shelves, and light fixtures. If it’s been a while since you last cleaned, you may also find resin build up on your windows and walls. It’s a good idea to wipe every surface down weekly with a hot soapy water and rubbing alcohol mixture. You should also make sure you’re changing your furnace filter every 30 days for improved air quality. As for fabric and upholstery, open up those windows for the fresh air and use odor eliminating fabric sprays like Febreze to eliminate smoke odors from fabrics that you can’t throw into the washing machine. If you have carpets, schedule a cleaning every couple of months.

5. Mask the smell

Sometimes masking the smell is the only way to get rid of it. Air fresheners and incense sticks work great for small amounts of smoke, though many cannabis aficionados use essential oil diffusers to improve air quality in the long term. Cannabis terpenes like Pinene and Limonene make a great addition to essential oil diffusers as they naturally eliminate airborne bacteria, microbes, and fungal spores, improving air quality and eliminating odors without smelling like cannabis at all. Sometimes all it takes is running a load of laundry or cooking something in the kitchen. Smoking in the bathroom with the fan on can keep odors contained in one small area of the home, making managing the smell much easier.

All in all, cannabis smoke can be a tricky mistress to manage. However, if you keep up with regular cleaning and keep the air inside purified and moving you shouldn’t have a problem. Masking odors is also a good option when you don’t have the time to deep clean.