Since CBD is legal at the federal level, it’s available just about everywhere. That doesn’t mean that all CBD is created equal.

When a product is available everywhere it can be difficult to determine exactly what it is you’re getting. Which products are full-spectrum or isolate derived, and what exactly does that mean? Below, we hope to clear up any confusion you may have about CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD or Isolate CBD?

Isolate CBD is the isolated CBD cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant exclusive from additional compounds within the plant. CBD processing companies simply extract the CBD from the hemp plant, isolated it, and get rid of the rest.

Full Spectrum CBD is CBD that also contains a huge array of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber and more. The hemp plant contains two main compounds CBD and CBDa as well as a ton of cannabinoids in trace amounts. These additional cannabinoids are what make Full spectrum CBD the better option.

What’s Included with Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD contains more than just CBD. With a full spectrum oil, you’ll find other cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals, terpenes, and essential fats and proteins that our bodies love. Keep in mind that although any CBD is better than none, isolate might not offer you the same health benefits as a full spectrum oil. Full spectrum oil will also give you dozens of other beneficial cannabinoids, nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you need to function.

Full Spectrum oil can reduce stress, help you sleep, and relieve your pain, but it’s also known to keep your body strong, healthy and fit, which is why many people take CBD daily as a preventative measure, sort of like a multivitamin. If you’ve been dying to get off of your prescription pain meds, full spectrum CBD oil can help you.