If you’ve been smoking with other people for a long time, etiquette may come pretty naturally to you. However, to the weed newbie, the toker who prefers to open his mind alone, or to the guy who’s friends won’t smoke with him anymore, the unspoken rules of smoke sessions can get super confusing.

To help you, we’ve crafted this etiquette guide that covers the most common smoking rules as well as some of the obscure ones that will make you look like a polite, respectful cannabis connoisseur in front of anyone.

1. BYOB (Bring your own bud)

Cannabis can be expensive, especially when sharing it with a number of other people, which is why it’s important to bring your own marijuana to share. Friends share, that’s what brings everyone together, so don’t be that friend (unless you bring some amazing Muncheez!), it’s still more polite to bring some of your own to share. Besides, there’s no such thing as too much weed.

2. Sticks and Stems, no Bueno

Don't grind up stems or seeds and put them in a community bowl to share. They taste terrible when they’re burned and they can cause your bowl to burn unevenly. In some cases, the stems still have trace amounts of the nutrients the plant was given and will give you a killer headache if you smoke a lot of it.

3. Learn to Roll Before you Fly

If your group prefers to roll joints or blunts, make sure that you know how and can share the workload once in a while. If you can’t roll, just say so! There’s nothing worse than when a poorly rolled joint finds its way into rotation. Some people rag on joint rolling machines, but if you have clumsy hands and still want to roll em up for your friends there is no better way to go.

4. If you Roll it, you Spark it

If you roll the joint or the blunt, you get to spark it up. If your friend rolls the joint, even if it's your weed he rolled up, he still gets to spark it. Compensation for the hard labor that is rolling!

5. Keep it Clean

If you have people coming over to your place for a session, make sure that your pieces are presentable. Nobody wants to smoke out of your super resinated stale bong. The water should be changed every time you smoke, and they should be cleaned with salt and rubbing alcohol when they are becoming visibly resinated in some places. Use good judgement and keep it sanitary!

6. Don’t Slobber

You’re going to be sharing with a group of people, most likely a group of your friends whom you have never made out with. Keep your spit to yourself! Try not to drool all over the glass piece or the roll up. If it can’t be helped, at the very least make sure you wipe off the mouth piece before passing it along.

7. Puff Puff, Pass.

If you’re smoking from a pipe or a bong, you should only take one hit before passing it to your left. However, if you’re smoking a joint or a blunt you’re allowed to take a couple hits before sending it down, since you smoke differently. Puff it 2-4 times and send it down the line. Just don’t hog it! It’s puff, puff, pass. Not puff, puff, puff, puff, puff…. Well, you get the idea.

8. Don’t Steal Lighters

For some reason, we all find it super tempting to pocket the lighter. Don’t be that guy. Everyone hates that guy. It really sucks when you have to rip out the couch cushions and dig for a spare lighter because someone had sticky fingers earlier and pocketed it. Accidents happen, sure. But a good rule of thumb is to pass the lighter along with the weed, or just set it on the table.

9. Ash Before you Pass

Would you want to take a joint from someone, but while they’re passing it it ashes all over your favorite t shirt? It’s just rude to not ash it. If it needs it, just do it before you hand it to someone else. It’ll save them the trouble of a possible wardrobe malfunction on your behalf.

10. Pass it to the Left

Ever smoked in a group and you get lost in the conversation and forget who you’re supposed to pass the weed to? Weed makes you forget things! If you establish a rotation before you smoke, you won’t have any issues. Most people pass clockwise, or to the left. If your group is moving around a lot while the session is going on, just don’t forget who you’re supposed to be passing it to.

Do you have any other etiquette tips you think we may have missed?