When beginning your journey with cannabis, one of the most important things to know is the type of cannabis you're consuming. Different types of cannabis have different effects, so it really depends on the mood you're in and what your priorities are while high. So this is something to think about when filling your online shopping cart full of product – are you trying to complete a to-do list or can you chill?


The sativa strain is known for its energetic side effects. Be prepared to feel uplifted and creative; or at the least, you'll be in a more chipper mood. Sativa is great for a wake and bake to start the day, and definitely helps you focus when necessary – whether that means meeting a deadline or putting your energy to the test and doing a deep clean of you apartment.


Indica strains are quite the opposite to sativa. These effects generally surround an "unwind" theme, meaning this is the strain for you when you need to just chill. Maybe after a long day of being you and you just need a break to stop thinking about everything that's due and maybe take a nap! Indica's are good for binge watching your favorite TV show as you melt in the couch and order take out. It's also great to help with insomnia and anxiety, but it's important to note that Indica can sometimes make you sleepy, so make sure you've finished your work before indulging (unless you're a seasoned pro).


The best of both worlds! Hybrid strains take a bit of sativa and a bit of indica, creating a solid balance of stimulating and calm at the same time.

In the end, as long as you know what you want out of ingesting cannabis, you're good to go. The trial and error method is also a good place to start, so you can see which effects you actually like over others. Cannabis will have a similar, yet different effect on each person, so take charge and find out for yourself which strain best resonates with your lifestyle.