As someone with severe social anxiety and a mild form of depression, I tend to spend a lot of my free time smoking weed.

Marijuana helps me to manage my acute anxiety, and it makes me feel generally better about my place in life. It helps me to avoid feelings of depression and guilt that I often have trouble pulling myself out of when I’m feeling anxious around my loved ones. It helps me to keep my internal monologue from berating and attacking me while I try to socialize with new people, and I know it does the same for a lot of daily cannabis smokers.

People like me tend to need to medicate multiple times throughout the day. That can be a problem for many people on the go (or people who desperately need access to marijuana but live in illegal states) who experience the same issues. So how can you safely get your medicine into your body while you’re in public? You need a nice discreet product that is easy to stash, use, and hide. Here are my 3 favorites:

Golden Goat Cartridge by Rove
Vaporizers are one of the most discreet products available that you can carry on your person pretty much everywhere. I'm a hybrid lover forever, so this Golden Goat cartridge is super ideal, especially with the wild mix of sweet, sour, spicy and fruity. It's going to give you a body high from head to toe, but one where you can still get things done, or big chill on the couch ready to binge The Office, again.

Kiva Camino Wild Cherry Gummies
Gummies are perfect on the go. They are correctly dosed and accurately portioned, making gummies poppable and easy to enjoy. Kiva Camino Wild Cherry Gummies are delicious and made with an invigorating blend of sativa terpenes with sweet, fruity notes of tart cherry. They also contain 5mg of THC, making them the perfect option for people with a low THC tolerance and people who prefer to microdose.

Citrus CBD-Infused Soda by Sprig
Drinks are a super easy way to medicate on the go thanks to the innocent packaging used by Sprig. Sprig is one of the newest cannabis-infused drink options, and they have four different flavors. I like to take an infused soda and pour it into a water bottle or old pop bottle and take it with me to sip on during the day. It delivers just the right amount of THC and CBD and the effects last several hours. The citrus flavor is delicious, and it’s excellent for keeping anxiety at bay.