Weed and creativity go hand in hand. In fact, many of the world’s artists, entertainers and musicians regularly use marijuana to help wake up their creative minds and swear by it. Whether your job requires you to come up with fresh, interesting art or content or you’re just looking to bang out a couple more pages on that short story you’re writing, these strains are sure to stimulate that creative thought and kindle creative inspiration.

Kali Mist (sativa)

Your creative flow can easily be deterred by something as simple as lack of energy. Kali Mist is a clear-headed and energetic sativa strain that offers bright and euphoric mental effects. It is renowned as one of the best strains out there for creativity and it’s great for people who need to focus and stay productive in their work. This strain is great for seasoned smokers and will motivate and inspire even the most writer’s blocked aspiring author.

Chemdawg (hybrid)

Chemdawg is a heavy-hitting hybrid strain that tends to turn off the traditional paths of mental processes forcing the user to walk new trails of thought by taking our creativity out of this world. If you’re new to using marijuana, be sure to dose yourself properly with chemdawg as it often reaches THC levels in the 15-20% range, which is high for flower! Chemdawg also provides a strong euphoric feeling and is also excellent for stress relief. Once you settle into the high you’ll find it imaginative and invigorating, perfect for the artist.

Berry White (Indica)

Sometimes sativas are too uppity and what many creative minds need is some peace and calm before being able to engage in creative activities or art. Berry White is the perfect indica strain to help you slow down your busy mind to allow the fullest immersion into the task at hand, like writing songs! This strain is also a potent pain reliever and is great for the artist with PTSD, anxiety or depression.

Purple Haze (sativa)

As one of the most popular strains of all time thanks to the Jimi Hendrix song of the same name, Purple Haze is a well-known creativity charger. It comes with a unique sense of calm, peace and euphoria as well as a high-energy cerebral effect that gives the user an overwhelming feeling of pure bliss and creativity through the day. This strain has everything the creative brain craves: energy and an overwhelmingly positive mindstate. It kicks laziness and negative moods right to the curb so you can make strides on your next artistic project.

LSD (hybrid)

If you’ve ever experienced a trippy awe-inspiring high from eating acid you know what kind of uplifted feeling it gives you. If you want to see the world in a new light, LSD is the strain for you. Named for its borderline psychadellic high, this strain will put your brain through the spin cycle, wringing out every last drop of juicy creativity your brain has to offer. LSD is great for taking a trip through internal thought or becoming more open-minded to the great truths around you. It’s also a great strain for relaxation and can treat stress, depression and even pain.