Here we go again with the 92nd Academy Awards...who will win, who will wear what, who cares! Yikes...too honest? No matter what you think of the event it's still a fun way to gather your friends, grab your favorite marijuana, and proceed to get really, really high.

Not for the inexperienced, these games are for the marathon crew who can put in the work. First to pass the F out loses....see you at the finish line:

Take a puff when:

  • A winner starts to shed tears
  • An Oscar is announced (you asked for this)
  • Someone mentions the government

Eat 5mg of edibles when:

  • Music cuts off a speech
  • Someone speaks about a cause
  • They have a technical difficulty

Sip a cannabis drink when:

  • You guess correct who wins the Oscar
  • A musical performance takes place
  • Joaqin Phoenix is referenced