OG Kush is a California favorite. It has a legendary reputation that has skyrocketed its popularity since the 90s, making it one of the most in demand strains in California.

While it’s popular and mostly easy to find, it’s constant demand makes it on the pricier side. In some places, we’ve even seen it as high as $30/gram.

Even with high prices, OG Kush continues to sell because it truly is the perfect strain. It has a number of effects from both Indica and sativa genetics, though we don’t know exactly where this strain comes from. Many believe that it’s a cross between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush. Others believe it was just a happy accident from a bag of seeds and it’s just a phenotype for some other existing strain. Whatever it is, it has unmatched potency with THC levels at 20-25% on average.

While we’re not 100% on OG Kush genetics, we’re also not exactly sure what the OG stands for! The “OG” has been said to stand for Original, as it is one of the old school strains that makes up a lot of the newer strains with its genes. That is the most accurate belief. Another accepted belief is that the OG actually stands for Ocean Grown in reference to its origin on the coast of California and in Florida. This belief ties in with the accepted OG Kush origin story that says the first cut of OG Kush was grown from bag seed in Gainesville, Florida illegally and called Kush Berries. In the early 90s, the Floridian grower talked with a California associate he hadn’t spoken to in over 20 years and transported a single clone to California, where it would later become OG Kush.

It’s also gained national recognition thanks to B Real of Cypress Hill, a popular pro-cannabis rap group. B Real mentions OG Kush in a few Cypress Hill tracks. He also confirmed that the Floridian and California growers were responsible for what OG Kush is today.