Cannabis is a powerful medicine and has many spectacular benefits from pain relief to aiding in a good night’s sleep. But what happens on that rare instance when you get way too high? Is it possible to overdose on cannabis? Whether you’re a cannabis rookie or a many-year veteran, it helps to know what to do if you consume too much. We give our top tips on what to do and how to relieve symptoms.

Can You Overdose On Cannabis?

When people think of a drug overdose they usually picture death or some other type of worst-case scenario. The dictionary definition of an overdose is an excessive and/or dangerous dose of a drug. When it comes to cannabis, yes, of course, it is possible to overdose in the literal term that you consumed more than the dosed amount.

For most people, a cannabis overdose might mean that you inhaled too much cannabis in relation to the correct dosage. But no, you probably aren’t dying from a cannabis overdose. Phew, that’s a relief.

The most common symptoms of a cannabis overdosage are feeling panicky or anxious, increased heart rate, paranoia, and a decrease in blood pressure. If you’re undergoing severe symptoms, please seek medical attention. Call 911 or get someone to drive you to the emergency room. If you’re not completely out of breath or about to pass out, then you’re probably just really high.

You likely aren’t suffering from a terrible overdose on cannabis, especially if you’re Googling this right now. That’s a really great sign. It’s more likely that you’re feeling extremely high and we can help with that too. So now that question is: what are you supposed to do when you feel uncomfortably high? How do you recover?

What To Do When You’re Way Too High

We have a few quick tips that you can apply immediately when you feel too high. If you’re feeling this way, it’s okay, it happens to the best of us. The first piece of advice is don’t freak out. There’s no need to stress or get worked up, it won’t help. Getting yourself upset and sweaty and emotional doesn’t help you or anyone you’re around.

Drink a glass of water to hydrate your body and soothe your cottonmouth. You might be feeling hot so a cup of cool water will help ground you. Focus on the water, your gulp, your breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel that? It’s your lungs working, they’re recovering, inhaling, exhaling. Sit down if you’re feeling dizzy. Focus on your breathing rather than any anxious thoughts. You’ll start to calm down in no time.

Read The Packaging

After you recover from your highness, take a look at the packaging of your cannabis. Does it mention a dosage? Does it have any directions? What’s the THC content? Understanding what you’re ingesting will help avoid this type of problem in the future. We want to empower you to be an educated cannabis user. Be smart and you’ll get the most benefits.