Social CBD, formally Select CBD has an expanded line of CBD products for the entire family (dog family, that is). As they've produced in the past, drops, vapes, gel caps and topicals, we're adding pet cbd products to the roster and it's exactly what you've been waiting for.

Using 100% plant based relief and pairing pure CBD and essential oils, Social CBD's products are truly a tailored experience. According to them, from the beginning they've "been on a mission to deliver pure products, award-winning formulas, and trusted truths to our customers about what hemp can do for our health." They also believe in sparking a movement around better self care and greater health, starting with the right conversations. And what better way to spark a conversation than with some deals?

Social CBD has taken it a step farther by offering a discount program for veterans and first responders – 20% off social products for life! Additionally, when you buy in bulk, you'll save around 20% as well and finally, by joining the referral program as a Social CBD Affiliate, you can receive 15% commission on sales using your unique URL. The perks are pretty great, but how are the actual products?

Balance Gel Caps - 1000mg

If you're looking for a way to better reconnect your mind and body, these CBD gel capsules are a good start to elevating your morning routine.

Social Muscle Rub - 750mg

Kind of like a Bengay, but better. The CBD is formulated with aloe, vitamin 3, tea tree oil and menthol, is easily absorbed into the skin and perfect for that after workout recovery. Each bottle is travel ready as well, so you can bring the "heat" wherever you go.

Pets Peanut Butter Broad Spectrum Drops - 750mg

For the pets! These peanut butter flavored drops are pesticide, solvent free and made with 0.00% THC. It's broad spectrum CBD is mixed with natural essence and fractionated coconut oil, along with all natural herbs and spices to recreate a delicious peanut butter taste for your babies. Formulated for all animals, you can apply these drops over food, in water or deliver orally – did I mention Social CBD's pet drops are made with all natural vegan ingredients?

Take a second and provide some self-care to your mind, body, and the ones you love with Social CBD's variety of high quality products.