Columbia Care is one of the largest corporate marijuana chains in the country boasting over a million sales transactions since its inception in 2014. They operate in a total of 11 US states along with Puerto Rico and Washington DC, though they have 35 licenses in a total of 15 jurisdictions including in Europe.

Columbia Care is the epitome of Big Marijuana. They have 14 vertically integrated operations as well as 54 dispensaries, grow houses and processing facilities either operating or in development. While the growth is large, they are still committed to the education of both customers and clinicians surrounding cannabis as medicine and continue to provide transparency for their medical products.

Some medical products include TheraCeed™, ClaraCeed™ and EleCeed™ which are the Columbia Care line of cannabis-infused tablets, suppositories, vapes, and lotions. The cannabis they source for their products is grown with a focus on clean cultivation practices.

However, they also have their own brand of full-spectrum CBD products, known as the Columbia Care Platinum Label. Everything that comes from Columbia Care is tested by a 3rd party facility and grown with organic cultivation practices. You can even buy Columbia Care Platinum Label online.

While customers are enjoying their products, Columbia Care is also involved deeply within the community. They are known for their established partnerships with universities, medical schools, and cannabis research institutions that support the growth of the cannabis industry. They use data collected from these institutions to improve their growing practices, products, and customer experience.

One unique thing is that they collect and leverage a lot of customer data. When you shop with Colombia Care, they’ll collect any personal information you consent to share with them to help them in their research and development. They use customer data to identify any points of pain with their service or products and listen closely to customer feedback. Everything shared with Columbia Care is used to research and improve the overall patient experience with medical cannabis.

Another very interesting aspects of Columbia Care is their work with the opioid crisis. Columbia Care CEO Nicholas Vita pledged to “take 100 million doses of opioids off the street by leading a nationwide effort to gather the largest data set on how precisely-formulated medical cannabis can be a safe and effective alternative to reduce opioid use for pain.”

All in all, Columbia Care is involved in a lot of different things. They’re working hard to buy as many licenses in as many places as they can, including Colorado. Their most recent acquisition in the works is The Green Solution, an independent dispensary chain in Colorado they’re offering $140 million to get their hands on. However, they’re also buying licenses in states with newer adult-use laws coming to light, like Illinois.

With the combination of quality products, research, education, and community outreach, Columbia Care is becoming a household name for medical marijuana almost everywhere. To stay up to date on Columbia Care news be sure to check out their news and press releases on the regular.