Sunday Goods, previously only available in Arizona, has finally made way for a few of its products to come to California. Sunday Goods now offers all-natural flower, premium oil cartridges and their unique Effect Pens at a few select Northern and Southern California locations.

Sunday Goods believes that everyone stands to benefit from the power of cannabis. They carry this belief by producing medical-grade cannabis that helps people with their pain, to find creativity, or elevate their state of being. All of their marijuana is pesticide-free and sun-grown. It comes from a vast 7-acre greenhouse in Arizona that uses high-integrity growing practices and superior quality genetics.

The cannabis is then sold as joints in packs of seven or turned into premium strain-specific oil cartridges. Sunday Goods is setting the industry standard by using clean methods to produce high-quality infusions and extractions. They believe that their methods respect and preserve the original qualities of the cannabis, so there is less of a disconnect between cannabis and concentrates. With education, better-growing practices, and consistent consideration, Sunday Goods is set to change the industry for the better.

Sunday Goods currently offers edibles, topicals, effect pens, pre-rolls, and oil cartridges, though the edibles and topicals are presently only available in Arizona. Take a look at these great products and find them in a store near you:

Effect Pens

Sunday Goods has seamlessly blended aromatherapy and cannabis terpenes into four unique and conveniently dosed vaporizers. They're called Delight, Spark, Soothe, and Rest. Each vaporizer contains terpenes that have shown to offer a variety of effects. For example, the Soothe pen contains the terpene beta-caryophyllene because it has calming properties. It also provides terpinolene because it's piney and makes the pen aromatic and flavorful. In addition to the terpenes, it's infused with peppermint and chamomile to promote calm and serenity.

Effect Pens contain both THC and CBD to help promote good vibes and prevent any THC-induced anxiety. The Delight pen is 10:1 THC: CBD, making it a great option for those who enjoy high THC strains. It's infused with geraniol for happiness and alpha-bisabolol for elevating your mood. The Spark pen is 1:3 and promotes focus and energy. The Soothe pen is 1:1 and is designed to relax you if you're feeling tense. The Rest pen is unique as it contains CBN, a cannabinoid that makes us feel sleepy. It contains 10:5:1 THC:CBD:CBN.

These unique vaporizers are currently only available in California. They are disposables that are made with a medical grade ceramic coil and wick. Effect pens are oval in shape so they won't roll off your table when you set it down. They're also not glued together anywhere so you won't have to worry about glue inhalation. Best of all, its 300mAh battery is sure to get you through the entire 500mg.

Sunday Pre-Rolls

Sunday Goods believes in the liberating power of cannabis. To preserve its wealth of health benefits and recreational uses, Sunday Goods only uses high-integrity growing practices and superior quality genetics in its 7-acre Dutch greenhouse. The greenhouse allows the cannabis to be grown pesticide-free in a controlled environment with water that comes from their own geothermal well.

The cannabis grown for Sunday Goods Pre-rolls is all-natural and sun-grown sustainably in Willcox, Arizona. They come in packs of seven and are rolled with all natural hemp papers. Each joint is single-strain, and they come in three different varieties. Delight is a hybrid, while Spark is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Rest is an indica-dominant hybrid meant to help you relax and sleep. Each pack offers effects that come from meticulous love and respect for the whole cannabis plant.

Oil Cartridges

Sunday Goods also offers a line of oil cartridges designed to fit a standard vaporizer battery. As with the rest of their products, Sunday Goods oil cartridges are made mindfully. The final product is 100% pure cannabis oil derived from their Dutch greenhouse-grown flower extracted with CO2. It doesn't contain any additives or artificial flavors and only contains natural cannabis terpenes.

Sunday Goods Oil Cartridges come in several different strains including Northern Lights and Jack Herer. However, It's important to check back for new strains regularly since many Sunday Goods cartridge strains are seasonal.