To good friends and great adventures, that’s the Island motto.

Island is a Los Angeles-based company established in 2014 that focuses on cannabis production technology for flower, prerolls, and vapes. Then in a short time, Island assembled one of the most impressive cultivation networks which included multi-generational, organic farms in California and changed the standard of top-tier cannabis.

Island strives to provide artisanal cannabis products and is renowned for the care they put into their small batches of hand-selected cannabis. The products, like their selection, are crafted by hand with care and exceeds rigorous protocol requirements. The company sources locally for natural cannabis and works with growers who source reliable and consistent flower, and the laid-back, lively colored packaging embodies the coastal California culture in the 1970s setting the mood for a chill day, baking under the warm summer sun.

Island pushes the boundaries of responsible, sustainable, and innovative cannabis farming, and delivers happiness to customers through their high-quality products. Island life is about the journey, not the destination, and these are a few Island products that helped us escape to paradise.

Bay Breeze

Find paradise with an eighth of 100% natural, artisanal Island flower in strain flavor, Bay Breeze. This bright and rich CBD strain is just as vibrant as its packaging and boasts a CBD to THC ratio of 2:1 that balances the strain’s effects. The earthy pungency of the flower shines through the woody aroma leaving a sweet citrus finish as the cannabinoids work actively in unison to realign your equilibrium.

Island 5-Pack Minis- Tahoe Kush

Island 5-pack minis are perfectly packed and ready to follow you on your next adventure. Each half-gram preroll is filled with top-quality artisan strains and burns evenly throughout the entire session. The flavor of Island’s Tahoe Kush shattered my standards and pulled me off the anxious edge I was hanging from. These small yet mightly prerolls are packed a powerful punch of pungent earthy-pine flavors that become smoother with every smoke. The Island 5-pack minis provide the perfect dose if you’re looking to sneak in a quick toke in-between tasks and can be shared amongst friends! For a longer toke, check out the 4.5 gram, Island Premium Pack of prerolls.

Island Pax Era Pod- Tangie Sap

Incredibly smooth and unrivaled in potency, Island Pax Era Pod in Tangie Sap is a discreet way to take the island flavors with you wherever go. The Island Pax Era Pod is the purest expression of strain-specific cannabis distillate on the market. Island’s master extractors use 100% natural and solvent-free distillate and hand-selects the strains from their network of farms for its specific flavor profile. As you pull full-flavored puffs of Tangie Sap, the refreshingly crisp taste will reawaken your spirit and send a jolt of energy through your veins so you can bulldoze through the week and get back to chilling on island time.

Where to Find Island

Island can be found at licensed retailers and delivery services in throughout California.