Blue Cheese is an 80/20 Indica-dominant strain made from breeding a Blueberry male to a UK Cheese female. Unlike most indica strains, Blue Cheese won't put you down hard and fast. Instead, the effects wash over and roll through the body, providing nearly instant relief from pain along with a wealth of other health benefits. Like all strains in the cheese family, Blue Cheese smells like, you guessed it, cheese! However, it's Blueberry parent adds a little bit of sweet to all that savory to create a unique and creamy flavor similar to OG Cheese. This indica is great for unwinding at the end of the day and for helping with pain and stress relief. Blue Cheese also makes great medicine and has been shown to help turn off muscle spasms.

Other Phenotypes
Blue Cheese itself is technically a perfected phenotype of UK Cheese, which is a phenotype of Skunk #1. Phenotypes of Blue Cheese, however, are always indica leaning. Blue Cheese phenotypes come in all shapes and sizes, though the bud structure is pretty typical. Phenotypes of Blue Cheese include Barney's Blue Cheese and Royal Queen Seeds' Blue Cheese.

Blue Cheese is a very blue strain. This strain's flowers are subtly purple and blue under headlining shades of light yellow and green. The buds tend to be dense and rounded, typical of indica flowers. Blue Cheese also has tight, curly orange pistils poking through a light dusting of resinous trichomes.

Blue Cheese smells funky thanks to its UK Cheese parent. It has a slight skunky sourness to it that smells like freshly grated parmesan cheese or Gouda, but there is also a little bit of sweetness from its other parent strain, Blueberry.

Unlike the odor, Blue Cheese's flavor is more sweet than cheesy. When inhaled, you're blasted with a blueberry fruitiness that settles into more pungent earthiness on the exhale.


Medical Applications
Muscle Spasms

Possible Negatives
Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Blueberry X UK Cheese (Skunk 1 Phenotype)
by Big Buddha Seeds