Berry White is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between the medically-beneficial and world-renowned White Widow strain and the deliciously pacifying Blueberry indica. The result is a potent strain ranging between 17-23% THC that offers very balanced effects that include powerful relaxation from stress, depression, and anxiety. Berry White has a bright blueberry odor and flavor with piney undertones. The flowers tend to be range from blue to purple in color. Mentally, the strain is perfect for promoting an upbeat attitude and a pleasant sense of calm euphoria that leads to creativity and talkativeness. On the physical side, Berry White has the power to put you down. It’s known for its ability to deeply relax the body and promote sleeping and eating, which makes it a great nighttime smoke for those who have insomnia or a lack of appetite.

Other Phenotypes

Berry White is one of those strains that goes by many different names, even though they are the same offspring from a Blueberry and White Widow cross. Some phenotypes produce purple/blue colored flowers like its Blueberry parent. Others are only different in the way the plants grow and develop, as some will be more indica in appearance while others appear more sativa. Some named Berry White phenotypes include Blue Widow, White Berry, and Berry Widow.


Berry White flowers can appear in a range of colors, though the standard color is a shade of rich blueish purple, much like its Blueberry parent. Other bud colors can range from light yellow to dark green. Throughout the flowers, you’ll see vibrant orange pistils twirling through a thin layer of trichomes. The water leaves are a dark shade of green, though they can also be purple under the right circumstances. Berry White doesn’t typically grow monstrously large just very wide, like most indica strains.  


Berry White has a very sweet and tart aroma underneath a very rich helping of blueberries. On a more in-depth inhale, you might be able to detect floral hints of lavender or slightly charred notes of pine and sage.


On the inhale, Berry White takes on a potent mix of sweet, ripe blueberries and sour, unripened ones. The smoke is noticeably smooth and silky though it mellows into something more acrid and spicy, which may encourage you to cough. On the exhale, earthy wooden notes and the sweet floral ones will make an appearance. The aftertaste is mostly pine, berry, and sweetness.







Medical Applications





Lack of Appetite

Possible Negatives

Dry eyes

Dry mouth





Blueberry X White Widow

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