Normally when you think of microdosing, a psychedelic drug comes to mind. However, as new innovations with cannabis are discovered, micro-dosing has become a popular activity to dabble in for newbie and veteran smokers alike. With one of the most well known ways to microdose including vape pens, DAVINCI Vaporizers has created a sleek and simple device that's perfect for your everyday use.

The DAVINCI MIQRO is a prime instrument for microdosing on so many levels. DAVINCI truly created a healthy alternative to cannabis intake when you don't want to inhale the harmful toxins found in traditional methods. This portable vaporizer is 33% smaller than its predecessor, the DAVINCI IQ, and its competition being the smallest dry herb vaporizer in the market. The device gives you the ability to craft your own experience with attributes like choosing a particular boiling point to better focus on a certain terpene to an adjustable oven giving you the choice of how much you want to intake.

There are so many benefits to microdosing, mainly used to achieve a relaxed and focused high without doing an excessive amount. Essentially, microdosing is when you consume a relatively smaller amount of a drug – in this case cannabis – to take advantage of the relief properties from pain, insomnia, lack of creativity, stress, anxiety and depression. You're intaking between 2-5mg of THC (or up to 10mg in some cases), but there's no magical amount that you should take, it's up to your personal preference and tolerance.

DAVINCI MIQRO is the perfect day to day device, your escape from reality. On the days you have a million things to do the Miqro will put you at ease and give you the boost you need. When you're overly stressed with deadlines on top of deadlines and need to just calm your mind and get focused on the task at hand, taking it one step at a time. Eliminating those stress and anxiety factors that so easily can take over our mental capacity leaving room for your creative juices to flow in order to come up with viable and effective solution, the healthier way.

Coined the world's most advanced portable vaporizers, DAVINCI is known to be the creators of some of the most innovative material selection for their vaporizers, with the promise to deliver a "flavorful nirvana" from start to finish. Plus, it's small enough to take anywhere for a quick puff to counteract life's daily stresses. The complete package for the miqro vaporizer includes a rechargeable cable, accessory kit, batter and extended mouthpiece.

Overall, the DAVINCI MIQRO vaporizer is an instrument worth trying if you're interested in switching to a different capacity to get high and/or dabble in microdosing to alleviate certain ailments.