Are you suffering from crippling social anxiety but struggle to find weed to manage it? If so, you are not alone, trying to get anxiety under control is the number 2 reason people turn to cannabis in the first place.

Social anxiety is a breed all its own. 'Social Anxiety Disorder' (SAD) is the deep-rooted fear of being judged, rejected, humiliated, embarrassed or looked at negatively in a social situation. This fear can lead to panic attacks and can also disrupt someone’s daily flow for the worse.

Many people with social anxiety struggle to smoke cannabis flower or concentrates before a social situation because it tends to make their anxiety worse. That doesn’t mean that weed is out of the question. Cannabis is a tried and true method for treating anxiety. However, it’s all about delivery and dose! When smoking cannabis fails, you need to look to the edibles. Here’s why:

Edibles Affect you Differently than Smoking

Edibles offer an almost psychedelic high that is very distinct from smoking or vaping flower. Instead of smoking and getting a THC head rush where you feel very high for a few minutes, you can experience a more consistent, drawn out high from edibles. The head rush you feel when smoking flower or concentrates and getting too high can make social anxiety worse, especially if you were only smoking in the first place to avoid social anxiety. Once you spend some time finding your perfect dose, you can count on edibles to provide comfort and relaxation in any social situation and take the dosing problem caused by smoking out of the equation.

Edibles are Extended Release

Edibles take time to kick in. Because you’re eating them, they have to be digested and metabolized before you can feel the effects of the THC/CBD. Through this process, the half-life of THC in the blood is increased, which means that edibles can provide relief for social anxiety for much longer than smoking a bowl would. Some edibles can last up to 8 hours, while the high from a bong rip is intense for 15 minutes and fizzles out after about an hour. Edibles are the better option for social anxiety because the relief is longer-lasting.

CBD Edibles in case THC makes your Anxiety Worse

For many, THC helps manage social anxiety. For others, it makes anxiety worse. If the psychoactive effect (or the high you feel) from THC causes you to become anxious or uncomfortable, there are many CBD-only edible options available. For many people, CBD is the preferred choice for managing many types of anxiety. It has no psychoactive effect or high and produces powerful relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.

Edibles are Discreet

A social anxiety trigger for some people is the fact that so many people are still uncomfortable with marijuana use, making smoking in public to help with the anxiety not possible. Edibles can be taken discreetly, and when appropriately microdosed, nobody can tell that you’re high. That fact alone can add some rational thought to your social fears and help put you at ease altogether.