Perhaps you’ve heard about them. They’re all the rage. What could we be talking about? Topicals, of course. Topicals aren’t like those gross menthol-scented sticky salves that your granddad used to ask to rub on his back to help with his shoulder pain. How the times have changed, elevated if you will. If you’re looking for relief from some of your symptoms, a topical CBD or THC product might be just the item for you. Okay, so what are topicals? Let’s dive right in.

What Are Topicals?

Much like other topical medications, a topical is a cannabis product that you can apply to your body. People often use CBD or THC-based topicals to aid in pain relief, inflammation, or other symptoms depending on the product. A topical can be a balm, lotion, oil, ointment, salve or something in that realm. The topical gets absorbed by your skin, but does not enter the bloodstream. Usually, the effects of the topical occur only where you place the topical, ie. if you have back pain and apply a topical to your shoulder, you won’t feel anything in your elbow.

Benefits of Topicals

There are a lot of benefits to using a topical and it mainly depends on why you need it. There are cannabis sex lubricant topicals and then there are those minty topicals for pain relief. People frequently use a topical to help with pain relief whether it’s a hamstring strain or arthritis. Sometimes ointment topicals help with acne, eczema or even skin irritations like cuts, burns, itching. You can even apply topicals to wounds to assist in healing. You’ll find no shortage of benefits for CBD or THC-based topicals, and you’ll absolutely find a topical for your exact requirement, ailment, or symptom.

Who Should Use It

The better question is who shouldn’t use a topical? You should use a topical if you have pain, skin irritations, acne, inflammation, and a ton more reasons. Not to mention, topicals are a fantastic smoke-free option for people who can’t or don’t want to physically smoke cannabis. You can find an exact topical product for your issue. If you’re a consenting adult, you can use a topical based on your specific needs.

How To Use Them

The usage might range depending on if you have a CBD product or something containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC versus CBD can impact the potency and how long it takes to onset. As always, we recommend that you read the packaging of the products that you use. You don’t want to use too much and waste it or use too little and, well, waste it. You should identify the size of the application and frequency you need to apply it. Once you have that figured out, apply away. Notice how the topical feels immediately after you apply it. What about 5 minutes after? 30-minutes after? Be aware of how it feels so you can adjust the application for next time as needed. There are many uses for topicals. How do you use topicals in your life?