Yummy weed edibles...one of the best ways to enjoy marijuana in my opinion. The high is more intense in the mind and the body while maintaining a longer high in a more discreet fashion. Unfortunately, many of us have food allergies and sensitivities like gluten intolerances as well as dedicated lifestyle choices including choosing to be vegan.

The good news is that cannabis edibles are still available to people who are more specific about what they put into their bodies. Here are 5 awesome brands making delicious vegan and gluten-free edibles.

1. Wana
Wana is a Colorado pioneer available in Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, and Oregon and California soon. Wana gummies are made with natural colors and flavors and are vegan and gluten-free (the gummies are made from Pectin instead of traditional non-vegan gelatin) with a sweet fruity taste but a little hashy. They come in a variety of medical and recreational doses based on state laws.

2. Zendo
Winner of the 2017 Cannabis cup, Zendo almonds come in two flavors: Honey/cocoa and Spicy Sea Salt in order to satisfy your salty and sweet cravings. Each easy-to-spot pyramid shaped package contains 100mg of THC. They are also all natural, vegan, gluten-free and sourced ethically, making it a great option for the conscious consumer.

3. Canyon THC
Canyon THC makes a variety of different cannabis edibles. Their popular LickIt lollipops are Vegan-friendly using gluten-free ingredients and come in fruit flavors, sour flavors, and savory flavors. Each pop contains 10mg of THC without the hashy or cannabis-infused aftertaste. Canyon THC also believes in ethically sourced ingredients and keeping that sugar intake on the lower side.

4. Utopia Farms
Utopia is consistently releasing vegan and gluten-free products but their cannabis macaroons are to die for. Not only are they delicious without the heavy marijuana aftertaste but they also pack a heavy punch at 50mg per macaroon. Be careful with these products unless your edible tolerance is high.

5. Korova
Korova fabulous chocolate peanut butter bar edible is not to be missed. A three layer bar with a cookie crust, crunchy peanut butter and thick fudgy coat made from organic Vegan chocolate packed with calming THC. The bar is also low in sugar and gluten-free freeing you from the guilt of devouring a whole bar in one sitting. Korova line includes many vegan and gluten-free options so keep an eye out!