Smoking cannabis is a great way to bring yourself closer to the things you enjoy. However, the cannabis smoker stereotype dictates that any time you smoke weed you should just sit at home and watch movies all day. That just doesn’t cut it for most of us, so here’s a short list of things you can do while using cannabis without falling into the couch lock or the lazy stereotypes.

1. Go for a walk

Nothing beats a toke and a walk when you’re high. Not only is going outside really good for your mental health, but a short walk is also great for your physical healthtoo. Where you walk is completely up to you. A short jaunt through the neighborhood with your pooch in tow is always fun, but so are long night walks at dusk and hikes in the woods. It doesn’t matter where you go, just get out there, enjoy it, and let the high guide you wherever you may wander.

2. Play a game with friends

Don’t waste your high by sitting around and playing Fortnite by yourself all day. Have your favorite people over, smoke up, and sit down to a card or board game. Hanging out with people is good for you, and the social aspect of the game paired with the high makes it all the more interesting. Challenge yourself with games like trivia or charades. You can play outdoor games like cornhole and volleyball, too! You can even turn whatever you’re playing into a smoking game.

3. Exercise or Meditate

Cannabis can help bring you closer to your thoughts and emotions. While some people report little success with smoking and working out, many others report resounding success. You don’t have to go hard and do an hour of cardio or weight lifting (unless you want to) of course, but there are a ton of low-impact options like yoga that are good for mental health as well as physical health. Check out Yoga with Adriene! Her YouTube videos guide you through the physical act of yoga as well as the meditative side of the practice, helping you to bring your mind and body together and work out whatever you’ve got going on in your life. Plus, yoga feels great and the meditative aspect is so much easier to achieve when you’re high.

4. Do a puzzle

Puzzles come in all manner of shapes, sizes, colors, and types. Whether you play with a Rubik’s cube, do crosswords or sudoku, or get started on a big jigsaw puzzle is up to you. Regardless of which route you take, your mind will feel relaxed and at ease while you improve your own memory and critical thinking skills. Bonus points if you do them outside or with friends!

5. Do something productive

You don’t have to be focused on distracting or fun stuff all the time, either! Sometimes doing something around the house while high is a ton of fun. Smoke a sativa, throw on your favorite tunes and fold some laundry or wash some dishes. Getting things done is super satisfying and it pleases the monkey brain, especially when it’s dosed. Cleaning, studying, gardening, practicing an instrument, watering your houseplants, bathing the dog -- all great options for a pleasant afternoon to yourself.


Cannabis makes it possible for us to be more present-minded and enjoy the little things in life. Realistically, anything you do while you’re high will be fun and insightful, but this list of things is a great place to start if you’re looking for more ways to enjoy the herb without sitting on the couch eating twinkies all day.