If you use cannabis regularly, there’s a good chance that you’ve noticed all of the different effects that each strain has to offer. Some strains are mentally uplifting, while some are soothing in the mind and body. However, there are lots of different products and strains out there that are marketed as better for sleep or anxiety or better for playing video games and et cetera.

One of the most common questions we’re asked on a regular basis is which strains are the best strains for sex with your partner. Cannabis has the power to break down internal walls and mental blocks while relaxing the body, making some strains really great for beautiful, long-lasting tantric couples sex. In fact, cannabis has been used for hundreds of years as a powerful aphrodisiac. Here are our top 5 picks for sexy-time strains.

  1. Trainwreck
    Trainwreck is a great, mellow choice for a deep, slow, lovemaking session. Trainwreck offers a hefty helping of THC and heavy-handed indica-dominant love which helps with physical relaxation and overwhelming the senses with calm feelings. The physical relaxation is deep rooted, spreading through all of the limbs and body parts. However, the strain won’t couch-lock you or make lovemaking difficult. It’s a great choice for people who have pain during intercourse as well as the shy and nervous alike. Plus the sweet berry flavor is tantalizing and enticing.

  2. Sexbud
    The name says it all with Sexbud. This strain is a cross between Cinderella 99 and White Grapefruit, displaying sensual scents of white peaches, cream, and pineapple. The stain gained its popularity (and new name) after dozens of users reported the way the strain made them feel aroused. The high is more sativa-dominant, promoting energy and endurance in sexual situations. It’s a great choice for helping you to release your inhibitions and get creative in the sack with your partner.

  3. Blue Cheese
    Out of all the strains on this list, none offers stress-relief like Blue Cheese. The unique cheesy funk comes together with a sweet berry flavor to create a mood like no other. The strain is predominantly indica and offers a ton of physical relief and relaxation while flooding your brain with endorphins and happy feelings. It’s a great choice for couples sex as it encourages more feelings of sensation along with a euphoric state of mind that allows for both giggles and deeply-intwined tantric sex.

  4. Green Crack
    If a slow, passionate lovemaking session isn’t your preference, you can always go for the always-available Green Crack. Green Crack is predominantly sativa, encouraging tons of energy, focus, motivation, and stamina, which all allow for a unique and romantic sexual encounter. The bright cerebral energy will provide much-needed endurance for a variety of sexual thrills and encourage creativity and open-mindedness. If you’ve always wanted to try something kinky with your partner, try Green Crack!

  5. Super Sour Diesel
    Super Sour Diesel is another sativa-dominant strain on this list that demolishes pain and stress while encouraging euphoric bliss and creativity, making it a great strain to try in the sack. It offers a unique fuel-like flavor that promotes introspection, socialization, and a super upbeat attitude. Use Super Sour Diesel if you want to get creative with your partner in the bedroom or use it to promote long-lasting energy for that sex that you never want to end.

All in all, cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac and a great way to manage pain and boost your confidence in the bedroom. Smoking cannabis before sex is a great way to connect with your partner during the act. If you’ve ever tried any of these strains for couples sex, what did you think?