Stress is a hell of a drug. These days, everyone's a little stressed out. Whether you have a hectic schedule, a demanding job, kids to take care of, or you’re just stuck in quarantine, a few puffs of cannabis can help you to take a deep breath, compartmentalize, and go about your business feeling soothed and stress-free. Here are the top 5 best cannabis strains for managing the symptoms of stress.

Stress and Cannabis

The best strains for stress are usually indica-dominant hybrids. While sativas are nice and can keep you feeling motivated and functional, there’s a 50/50 chance that if you’re already stressed out, they’ll make your thoughts more racy and be more counterproductive to your goal of chilling out. If you’re using cannabis to manage stress, stick to indica-dominant hybrids or 50/50 hybrids in between 17-23% THC to feel your best without losing your motivation. With THC levels in this range, you’re more likely to have a pleasant experience unwinding without succumbing to the dreaded couch-lock of inactivity.

Best Strains for Stress

  1. Grandaddy Purple (indica)
    Grandaddy Purple is an indica-dominant hybrid that is best known for its incredibly uplifting effects. Grandaddy Purple’s sweet berry flavor and THC melts away stress and depression and replaces it with a sense of blissful euphoria and a good case of the giggles. It’s a great choice for smoking after a long hard day at work or in between stressful shifts. Best of all, since it’s a hybrid, it makes it possible to stay motivated and stress-free without the couchlock.

  2. White Widow (hybrid)
    White Widow is a 50/50 balanced hybrid that has gained worldwide notoriety for its crystalline appearance and burst of cerebral euphoria and all-day energy. White Widow is a great choice for navigating daily stresses, as it helps improve creativity and socializing with ease. In fact, this uber-popular THC-dominant strain has graced Amsterdam coffee shop menus and dispensary menus alike since the 90s. You can’t go wrong with this classic for stress, depression, and anxiety.

  3. Girl Scout Cookies (hybrid)
    Girl Scout Cookies is another balanced 50/50 hybrid that has been used for decades to manage stress thanks to its potency and uplifting mental effects. GSC is both physically relaxing and mentally stimulating, making it a good choice for managing daily stresses and reducing physical feelings of anxiety. Best of all, it offers a unique, bakesale-esque flavor and promotes conversation, an upbeat attitude, and internal peace.

  4. Purple Punch (indica)
    Purple Punch is one of the latest and greatest indica-dominant hybrids to hit the scene when it comes to letting go of stress, falling asleep, and staying asleep. It’s a great choice after an especially long day as it deeply relaxes the body and muscles while promoting a generous state of euphoric bliss in the mind. Purple Punch tastes a lot like hawaiian punch and helps people manage all sorts of nighttime ailments, including stress, anxiety, depression, sleep-related issues, and a lack of appetite.

  5. ACDC (CBD)
    ACDC is the best choice on this list for the THC-sensitive. If THC tends to make you feel more spacy and anxious, a few puffs of ACDC will have you feeling right as rain. ACDC is a predominantly CBD-dominant strain. It does offer a mild cerebral effect, but it isn’t really impairing in any way. It simply promotes a sense of calm and anxiety-relief, allowing you to go about your business stress-free and fully-functional.

All in all, stress is one of the most common ailments that people experience. Luckily, it can be managed gracefully with a little bit of cannabis. If you’re stressed out a lot, what strains have worked best for you?