The world is a better place with chocolate. It’s an even BETTER place when you elevate your chocolate game with cannabis. This week, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite up and coming cannabis brands for the chocolate lover. Here’s the lowdown on the latest products that you absolutely have to try.

  1. Chill Chocolates
    Chill Chocolate is a California based brand with a variety of silky lab-tested, cannabis-infused chocolates. The company is dedicated to quality, safety and social responsibility and only makes products using the sustainably sourced cacao and the finest, most potent CO2 oils available on the market. Interestingly, Chill Chocolate has one of the longest running cannabis chocolate kitchens. Their products have taken home multiple awards won over the years.They currently have 12 different kinds of chocolate, including classics like milk and dark chocolates or chocolates infused with fruit and caramel. Best of all, they have both THC and CBD products, so you can find your feel good with ease. xarau8zufjdsdndf2awh

  2. Recreate Chocolates
    If you’re looking for a chocolate option that tastes great and offers a really great high, try the chocolates by ReCreate. Their chocolates are infused with the excellent lab-tested CO2 oils and come in a variety of flavors, including Focus, Relax, and Sleep. The focus chocolates offer a cerebral burst of energy, similar to sativas. The relax chocolates are more on the hybrid side and offer a good mix of physical and mental effects. Sleep is a true indica, designed to fully relax your mind and body. They come in a variety of potency levels and can contain both THC and CBD, CBD alone, or THC alone. b7o8sjvhtrj6mlrxumie

  3. Monarch and the Milkweed Chocolates
    If THC isn’t really your thing, you’ll love the delicious chocolatey confections that come from the Monarch and the Milkweed kitchens. Each delectable dessert is handcrafted by career pastry chef and founder Andrew LeStourgeonis. Each one is made with a good dose of CBD and virtually no THC, making it a good choice for medical patients who want to manage symptoms without the cerebral effect. Monarch and the Milkweed also offers a dining room so you can sit and enjoy their CBD products and full lunch and dinner menus, though it is currently closed for COVID-19.

  4. Tonic Chocolates
    TONIC offers a variety of excellent products to California residents. Their extensive line includes things like tinctures, tonics, hemp pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and best of all, cannabis-infused chocolates. Their chocolates are made with a luscious, silky dark chocolate and are infused with CBD only, making them a great choice for enjoying the benefits of cannabis without altering your state of mind.

  5. Pantry Chocolates
    If you think ordinary chocolate bars are boring, you’ll love Pantry’s take on cannabis-infused chocolate. They make perfectly poppable THC-infused bon-bons! They come in 2 different flavors: one is a hazelnut wafer crunch bon-bon, and the other is made with a rich dark chocolate, olive oil, and a touch of salt. Each delicious piece contains 5mg of THC and is sure to elevate your senses and improve your mood.

Final Thoughts: Edibles for Chocolate Lovers

California’s booming cannabis industry is encouraging a huge variety of new cannabis brands to start springing up. This is great news, considering we really can’t have too many edibles! If you like the way edibles feel and you LOVE chocolate, give some of these brands a chance. If you’ve had them before, what did you think?